November 06, 2020 3 min read

Essential Oils that are Safe for Your Kiddo's

Essential Oils that are safe for kids must be diluted with carrier oils, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil on kids, from calming your kiddo’s emotions, balancing hormones and for added immune support while sleeping.

Essential Oils Blends that are Safe for Your Kiddo's

Kid Safe Essential Oils are powerful, high-quality and effective, and truly help with common kid-related needs. These kid-safe blends can be diluted down to the perfect ratio for kids with fractionated coconut oil by Mayan's Secret. And are even more convenient when used with a roller top and roll-on, so you can apply to your child’s skin as needed.

Best Kid Safe Essential Oils Blend for easing restless little ones into a sleepy night with peaceful, calming oils. A gentle blend of Cedarwood, Lime, Lavender and Vanilla diluted down to the perfect ratio with Fractionated coconut oil. Convenient ready to use, roll at the bottom of the feet before bedtime.

Best Kid Safe for tummy aches, bloating and other digestion discomforts. A supportive blend of Spearmint, Bergamot, Peppermint, Fennel, Ginger and diluted down to the perfect ratio with Fractionated coconut oil. Convenient ready to use, roll onto tummy around belly button as needed.

When you want that extra boost for focus and a natural aid for a wandering mind. A balancing blend of Peppermint, Vetiver, Grapefruit, Rosemary, and Lime diluted down to the perfect ratio with Fractionated coconut oil. Great for concentration during homework time, study time and any time that concentration and focus is needed. Convenient ready to use, roll on at the back of the neck or inside the wrists as needed.

Best Kid Safe essential Oil Blend, for easing the discomfort. A healing blend of Lavender, Rosemary, Helichrysum, Melaleuca, Frankincense & Copaiba diluted down to the perfect ratio with Fractionated coconut oil. Use on scrapes, cuts, bruises, burns, and bug bites for soothing and healing. Convenient ready to use, roll on affected areas as needed.


Made with a mixture of therapeutic oils that not only smell deliciously fragrant together, they also gently relieve stress, happy and calming boost and support hormones.

Lavender and Geranium help you relax while supporting healthy skin as well as circulatory and nervous systems.

Chamomile is a calming oil that resonates well with both kids and adults, and is a great addition for massage for relief of muscle discomfort.

Ylang Ylang is a natural antidepressant, giving a happy mood boost and its no wonder why it was the secret scent behind the famous perfume, Chanel No. 5.

Rose Essential Oil eases stress while supporting healthy skin.

Jasmine is a popular natural remedy for improving mood, overcoming stress and balancing hormones, which is why it has been used throughout history for romance, libido support and for child birth.

Vanilla boasts of antioxidant properties and helps to relieve PMS symptoms. It’s been proven to fight infections, relieve muscle pain and cramps, and naturally help balance hormones.

Mix with a carrier oil, such as Mayan's Secret fractionated coconut oil for an all-over body moisturizer, massage oil, behind the neck or on the soles of the feet.

Food for thought, some of the first aspirin medication used actually came from White Willow Bark. And oddly enough, modern chemo therapy medication, such as, Paclitaxel, is actually harvested from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree, or rather, by its botanical name, Taxus brevifolia and it is used to treat many forms of cancer. Essential Oils derived from plant matter, has been used for thousands of years by healers the world over, and they used the pure essential part of plants, trees and vegetation to help with everything from stomach ailments to sleep apnea and during and after pregnancy.

Alternative medicine practitioners have long used Essential Oils for Aromatherapy and for Health and Wellness. This is due primarily to the reason that they do not have a long list of things you can not pronounce, or a list of side effects. However, Essential Oils don’t just mask symptoms.

And this is why Essential Oils are essential, because they bring therapeutic change to the body at a cellular level, and thus, they help you to deal with the root issue as well as, support the body as a whole.