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As the top wholesale supplier of bulk Organic Essential Oils, Mayans Secret now offers the largest selection of USDA Certified Organic Oils, Pure Essential Oil and Certified Fair Trade Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products at Wholesale Prices. Essential Oils are the natural essences of plants acquired by steam distillation or cold-expression from a single botanical source. These oils are widely used in aromatherapy as well as in other commercial enterprises such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps, candles, and domestic cleaning products. Essential Oils are the immune systems of the plants being distilled, which enable the plant to defend itself from infection by other organisms. The fluids extracted from the plant are integral for its survival, but they often offer exotic fragrance compounds prized in Aromatherapy and Perfumery.

Latest Essential Oil News from Mayans Secret - Pure Essential Oils for Organic Farming, Essential Oil News Mayans Secret Essential Oils used for Organic Farming as a Pesticide Alternative Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret One such tool may be the use of essential oils Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture awarded a nearly 2 million grant to a team of scientists for an Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative project to study the degree to which essential oils can help suppress certain pathogens and pests In his role as a small fruit pathologist in the Department of Plant Pathology Oliver will investigate the use of essential oils in organic blueberry production the states top fruit crop Blueberries are the highest value fruit crop in Georgia and organic blueberry production represents a growing proportion of our total acreage said Oliver Nonetheless organic production of blueberries in Georgia faces many challenges because our hot humid climate is ideal for many disease issues including fruit rots and leaf spots Evaluate the plant safety and horticultural impact of essential oils in managing diseases in fruits including blueberries peaches mangos and avocados Begin to test plant disease efficacy claims of essential oil products marketed for organic producers Evaluate organically certified plant essential oils on targeted pathogens such as algal stem blotch brown rot scabs gray mold and powdery mildew Determine the efficiency of essential oils on fruit shelf life through postharvest testing Test the efficacy of essential oils against insects including scales thrips and mites although arthropod pests are not the primary focus of this research After they gather their new data participating scientists will communicate the results of their research to organic fruit farmers and those who grow conventional crops so that those producers can rapidly adopt any new practices Essential Oils May be helpful while giving birth Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret While research suggests there are health benefits the FDA doesnt monitor or regulate the purity or quality of essential oils Using essential oils for labor might not be listed right below get an epidural on your birth plan but some aromatherapy oils have been proven to help in one way or another with delivering a baby Essential oils are powerful mixtures from aromatic plants Essential Oils for hair care Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Did you know by adding just a few drops of essential oils to your daily hair care routine can help increase hair growth and moisturize your oily scalp While coconut oil almond oil and jojoba oil are already in your wheelhouse to strengthen and moisturize hair adding essential oils to the mix can really increase their effectiveness Whether you need a blend to blend cereals boost growth or balance the scalp there is an essential oil that will work perfectly for you Using essential oils for hair is a great way to improve hair quality and relieve hair concerns It is highly concentrated and full of essential oils antioxidants and vitamins vital to the hair and scalp Essential oils dont feel oily They are called oils because they contain fat soluble chemicals derived from a plant says Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta Essential Oils against Klebsiella pneumoniae Mayans Secret Klebsiella pneumoniae is a nosocomial agent during nosocomial outbreaks Many plant oils have antimicrobial activities and have been studied as natural sources to fight many antibiotics This study aims to investigate the antibacterial and antibiotic effects of the nanosized preparations of rosemary and ginger essential oils on the clinical isolates of K pneumonia resistant to colistin The isolation and determination of 30 strains of K pneumonia isolated from different human samples was done then tested for antibiotic sensitivity and detecting biofilm genes The testing of the activity of the tested essential oils and their chitosan nanoparticle formulas against selected isolates was performed by determining their MICs by the broth dilution method after it was a real time quantitative PCR and biofilm inhibition test for expression of mrkD gene in the presence of oil and nanoparticle formulation compared with untreated bacterial isolates Our results show that the minimum inhibitory concentration of rosemary oil and ginger oil is 1250 g ml the rosemary oil with the nanostructured and the ginger oil with the nanostructured is 625 g ml and the rosemary oil contains chitosan nanoparticles and ginger oil chi tosan nanoparticles is 156 g ml The results also showed complete inhibition of mrkD gene expression when compared with K pneumonia without treatment We can conclude that the oil loaded chitosan nanoparticles showed high antibacterial and antibiotic activity Essential Oils for Pesticide Alternatives in Organic Farming Mayans Secret Plant Safety Horticultural Benefits and Disease Efficacy of Essential Oils CTAHR researchers and extension faculty will work with certified organic producers in Hawaii and four other states Florida South Carolina Georgia and California to evaluate the effectiveness of organically certified plant essential oils EOs on major fruit pathogens such as avocado scab anthracnose fungal disease and powdery mildew in targeted tropical and temperate fruit crops such as avocado mango blueberry and peach Efforts will look at increasing organic orchard productivity of Hawaiis more than 24 million avocado and mango industries and offering growers an organic spray program using organic plant EOs The goal is for crop producers to rapidly adopt the organic practices set forth by the researchers as a result of the data they gathered thus improving their market competitiveness Bergamot Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Bergamot Essential Oil is often used as a natural antiseptic bergamot is among the biggest culprits for making the skin particularly sensitive to the sun Avoid sunlight for 12 hours after using it on your skin even if its diluted Clary sage oil Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Clary sage oil Its often used for calming properties and skin benefits Pregnant women shouldnt use it as some evidence suggests it can induce contractions Peppermint Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Peppermint A classic stomach soother this oil should never be used on infants or small children as it can cause life threatening breathing problems Eucalyptus Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Eucalyptus If you are on medications check with your doctor before using this aromatic oil It may cause certain drugs used for seizures narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to be less effective and can bring on asthma attacks Cinnamon Bark Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Cinnamon bark Sometimes used in shampoos and lotions it also can irritate the skin People with seasonal allergies have been shown to be more prone to bad reactions to it and are advised to avoid it What are Essential Oils Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Essential Oils are made from parts of certain plants like leaves herbs barks and rinds Makers use different methods to concentrate them into oils You may add them to vegetable oils creams or bath gels Or you might smell them rub them on your skin or put them in your bath Some research shows that they can be helpful if you know how to use them the right way Always check the label and ask your doctor if youre not sure if theyre OK for you to use What Essential Oils affect Mood and Emotion Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Simple smells such as lavender chamomile and rosewater may help keep you calm You can breathe in or rub diluted versions of these oils on your skin Scientists think they work by sending chemical messages to parts of the brain that affect mood and emotion Although these scents alone wont take all your stress away the aroma may help you relax Use Essential Oils with Caution Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Oils that are fine on your arms and legs may not be safe to put inside your mouth nose eyes or private parts Lemongrass peppermint and cinnamon bark are some examples Buy pure oils without anything added Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Look for a trusted producer such as Mayans Secret that makes pure oils without anything added Youre more likely to have an allergic reaction to oils that have other ingredients Not all extras are bad Some added vegetable oil may be normal for certain more expensive essential oils Use of Essential Oils Topically Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Just because its from a plant doesnt mean its safe to rub on your skin or breathe or eat even if its pure Natural substances can be irritating toxic or cause allergic reactions Like anything else you put on your skin its best to test a little bit on a small area and see how your skin responds Spoiled Rotten Oils Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret In general dont keep them more than 3 years Older oils are more likely to be spoiled because of exposure to oxygen They may not work as well and could irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction If you see a big change in the way an oil looks feels or smells you should throw it out because it has probably spoiled What to Know about Cumin Oil Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Cumin oil which is safe to use in your food can cause blisters if you put it on your skin Citrus oils that are safe in your food may be bad for your skin especially if you go out into the sun And the opposite is true too Eucalyptus or sage oil may soothe you if you rub it on your skin or breathe it in But swallowing them could cause a serious complication like a seizure Ask your Doctor First About Essential Oils and their Uses Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Your doctor can make sure its safe for you and rule out any side effects like affecting your prescriptions For example peppermint and eucalyptus oils may change how your body absorbs the cancer drug 5fluorouracil from the skin Or an allergic reaction may cause rashes hives or breathing problems Undiluted oils are too strong to use Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Undiluted oils are too strong to use straight Youll need to dilute them usually with vegetable oils or creams or bath gels to a solution that only has a little bit 1 to 5 of the essential oil Exactly how much can vary The higher the percentage the more likely you are to have a reaction so its important to mix them correctly Dont Use Undiluted Oils on your Skin Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Injured or inflamed skin will absorb more oil and may cause unwanted skin reactions Undiluted oils which you shouldnt use at all can be downright dangerous on damaged skin Keep out of Reach of Children and Elderly Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Keep all Essential Oils out of reach of Children Young children and the elderly may be more sensitive to essential oils So you may need to dilute them more And you should totally avoid some oils like birch and wintergreen In even small amounts those may cause serious problems in kids 6 or younger because they contain a chemical called methyl salicylate Dont use essential oils on a baby unless your pediatrician says its OK Essential Oils can be very concentrated and may cause serious health problems especially if used at the wrong dose or in the wrong way Just like anything else that little hands shouldnt be able to reach dont make your essential oils too handy If you have young children keep all essential oils locked away out of their sight and reach Stop Using Oils if you notice a rash or discoloration on your skin Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Your skin might love essential oils But if it doesnt and you notice a rash little bumps boils or just itchy skin take a break More of the same oil can make it worse Whether you mixed it yourself or its an ingredient in a readymade cream oil or aromatherapy product gently wash it off with water Aromatherapy National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret If you look for a professional aromatherapist do your homework By law they dont have to have training or a license But you can check to see if yours went to a school certified by a professional organizations like National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy Use essential oils sparingly Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret More of a good thing is not always good Even when diluted an essential oil can cause a bad reaction if you use too much or use it too often Thats true even if youre not allergic or unusually sensitive to them Ginger and Tea Tree Oil for Cancer Patients Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Used the right way they can help you feel better with few side effects For example you may feel less nauseated from chemotherapy cancer treatment if you breathe in ginger vapors You may be able to fight certain bacterial or fungal infections including the dangerous MRSA bacteria with tea tree oil In one study tea tree oil was as effective as a prescription antifungal cream in easing symptoms of a fungal foot infection Dont use essential oils if you are expecting or pregnant Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Some essential massage oils may make their way into the placenta an organ in your uterus that grows along with your baby and helps to nourish it Its not clear if this causes any problems unless you take toxic amounts but to be safe its best to avoid certain oils if youre pregnant Those include wormwood rue oak moss etc item dangers of essential oils item Dangers of essential oils Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Some essential massage oils may make their way into the placenta an organ in your uterus that grows along with your baby and helps to nourish it Its not clear if this causes any problems unless you take toxic amounts but to be safe its best to avoid certain oils if youre pregnant Those include wormwood rue oak moss etc Teens and essential oils Pure Organic Essential Oil Mayans Secret Dr Block advises against diffusing lavender and tea tree oils because of the potential complications particularly in children and teens Pregnant women and people who have hormone related medical conditions such as diabetes should talk to their doctors before using essential oils topically or with a diffuser.

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Essential oils Market to Witness a Healthy Growth in the Future

Essential oils, ethereal or volatile oils are very complex natural mixtures of lipophilic substances. They are aromatic oily liquids categorized by a strong odor. U.S. Essential Oils Market Statistics, Challenges AND Opportunities bY THE NEAR FUTURE. The report on the Essential Oils market provides a holistic update, market size, share, growth drivers, opportunities.

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Manufacturer and distributor of organic certified therapeutic grade essential oils for flavor, fragrance oil and cosmetic ingredients. Various types include almond, bay, canola, celery seed, cypress, fennel, ginger, lemon, nutmeg, orange, onion, rosemary, sunflower and tea oils. Toll processing capabilities include blending, reacting, distilling, extracting and analyzing. Distribution and warehousing services also available. Same day shipping offered. Manufacturer and distributor of essential oils. Various types include myrtle, coffee, wormwood, elemi, lemon, spikenard, yarrow, lavender, ho wood, spearmint, lemongrass, lime, hyssop, mandarin, menthol and garlic essential oils. Mayan's Secret essential oils vs Brands like: Bulk Apothecary, Doterra, Now Essential Oils, Nature's Oil, SpaRoom, Starwest Botanicals Distributor of essential oils for flavoring, perfumery & toiletries in dietary supplement & food industries. Types include artificial jasmine, rose & lavender, organic basil, cinnamon leaf, lemongrass, orange, peppermint & spearmint & natural lavender & rosemary oils. Essential oils are extracted from plant parts such as leaves, flowerings, shrub, branches & bark. Contract manufacturing, private labeling, and custom formulating of essential oils. Offers therapeutic grade bulk essential oils. Can accommodate small and large runs. Capabilities including mixing, filling, and formulation development as well as label branding and design. Made in the USA. Custom essential oil blends, high capacity orders up to 1,000,000 units per month, complex packaging, kitting, and shrink wrapping. Services include complete turnkey blending & liquid bottle filling. Custom formulating is available as well as blending of existing formulas and private labeling. Automated facility dedicated to essential oil products. Small run sizes available. Services include: batch blending (variable sizes and speeds), induction seal capping, shrink banding, shrink sleeves, kit assembly, high speed pressure sensitive labeling, date / batch coding. Distributor of essential fragrance oils for candles. Fragrance oils available include amaretto, apple blossom, apricot chamomile, avocado cilantro, banana nut bread, bayberry cinnamon, black cherry, blueberry muffin, clove, coconut, coffee, cranberry plum, creamy chai latte, lavender, eucalyptus spearmint, French vanilla, ginger fig, lilac, lemon grass, maple sugar, nutmeg, olive blossom, and others. Available in 1 ounce, 1 pound, or 25 pound quantity. Also suitable for soap and lotion applications. Other products include food and candle containers, closures, candle wax, candle wicks, canning and candle accessories, and pallets. Distributor of eucalyptus, orange, lemon, mandarin, patchouli, spearmint, peppermint, rose, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils. Used in the production of fragrance oils for the perfumery, cosmetic, and home care industries. Distributor of essential oils extracted from stems, leaves and flowers. Types include rosemary, neroli, lavender, eucalyptus, cedar and rose essential oils. Rosemary oil is used in cosmetics and beauty industries. Blanket orders are accepted. Distributor of essential oils. Designing, labeling, logistic, products sourcing, warehousing and used tote disposal services also offered. Most items available in stock. Contract distillation of essential oils using continuous molecular and medium vacuum distillation for cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamins, fragrances, citrus oils, fatty acids, edible oils and waxes. Eliminates decomposition caused by batch distillation. High vacuum distillation. Manufacturer of lotions and essential oils including aloe gel. Body and hand lotions are available in bottles and tottles with capacity up to 8 oz. Labels can be custom printed in different sizes. Made in the USA. Manufacturer of coconut, palm, soybean and castor oils. Flax-seed, wheat germ, mustard, pumpkin, milk thistle, rosehip, sea buckthorn, walnut, hemp, amaranth, almond, poppy, hazelnut and echinacea oils are also offered. Suitable for making ice cream, confectioneries, biscuits, alkanolamides and alkyds. Available grades include lump, granular, powder, slurry and micron sized. Packaging options such as pails, paper bags, fiber drums and FIBC bulk bags offered. Most items available in stock. Custom solutions are also offered. Distributor of cannabidiol (CBD) essential oils made from industrial hemp. Contains fatty acids, terpenes, fiber and protein. Used for cosmetics, food supplements, capsules, cannabis bi-products, pharmaceuticals and vaping applications. Manufacturer of skin care, mineral makeup, hair care, and bath and body products. Types include cleansers, clarifiers, masks, creams, gels, peels, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, element sprays, bath and massage oils, candles, diffuser blends, spa collection, hair styling and hair and scalp treatment products. Manufacturer of aromatherapy and body care products. Products include essential oils, shampoos, lavenders, lotions, creams, diffusers, candles, fragrances, bases, jars, bottles, sprays, and bath salts. Manufacturer of oils and beauty supply ingredients. Offerings include scented oils, floral water, herbs and spices, teas, candles, beauty product materials, and packaging. Beauty product materials include soap base, cosmetic bases, bath salts, clays, exfoliants, hair care, and raw materials. Available in small, medium, large & bulk sizes. Essential oils consist of natural plant extracts that are liquid oil base, medicinal & fragrant in nature. Essential oils are extracted from plant parts that include leaves, stems, roots, flowering tops, buds, twigs, bark & some times whole plants depending on the plant. Ingredient and fragrance marketing and distribution services. Develops perfumery solutions and fragrance oils for products including antifreeze, cleaners, degreasers, insecticides, fertilizers, hair dyes, hair sanitizers, and fuels. Serves automotive, household, garden, cosmetic, and industrial markets. Essential oils. Custom bottling, packaging, fulfillment and warehousing services. Order fulfillment, third party logistics (3PL), electronic data interchange (EDI), shipping and receiving, storage and inventory management services are available. Can fill skin, hair and body care, cosmetic products including lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, non-food/beverage and non-hazardous products in different containers. Capabilities include fill, cap, label and package date coding, product mixing, heat shrink sleeving, assembly and kitting. FDA registered. Manufacturer of oleochemicals for the industrial, agricultural, electronic product, cosmetics, cleaning, oil field, pharmaceutical, consumer product and manufacturing markets. Products include acids, alcohols, esters, stearates and glycerin. Manufacturer of custom candles. Types include luxury, glass tumblers, glass jars, votives, travel tins, pillar candles, and holiday gifts. A wide variety of fragrances and standard and essential oils and scents are available to choose from. Manufacturer of flavoring products and aromatics. Products include natural colors, oleoresins such as capsicum, black pepper, paprika, turmeric, white pepper, celery seed, ginger, mace, and nutmeg, roasted oleoresins, essential oils such as black pepper, celery seed, ginger, mace, nutmeg, clove bud, clove leaf, and lemongrass, encapsulated oils and oleoresins, and antioxidants. Manufacturer of fragrance oils. Offered in .5, 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 ounce sizes. Aloe, tea and honey, amaretto, lavender vanilla, and acai and mangosteen scents are available. Manufacturers representative of supplies. Products include ceramic tile, pharmaceutical chemicals, dyes, pigments, essential oils, artware and herbal supplements. Serving the electronics, automotive, health and beauty, building product, renewable energy and medical sectors. Manufacturer of plug in scented air fresheners including refills. Lavender, peppermint, and rosemary fragrances are available. Capable of warding off of viruses and providing respiratory relief.

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So Whats all the Hype about Essential Oils in 2020 and beyond?

Why are essential oils being seen everywhere from “The Doctors” television program, to the shelves of stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and even Wall-Greens? Did you recognize , CBD is additionally an important Oil. Essential oils are the concentrated extracts of plants. Essential oils are contained in sacs on the leaves, bark, flowers, seeds and roots of plants. They protect the plant from predators, assist the plant in reproduction, as in attracting pollinators. They also help the plant repair itself when it's injured by insects, or if they're broken branches from wind or the likes of . Essential oils are released when the sacs they're contained in are broken open. they're highly concentrated compared with dried herbs- 50-70x more potent! consider it as, 1 drop of peppermint volatile oil , is like 28 cups of peppermint tea. Now you'll start to ascertain why they're so powerful, and are wanted for hundreds of years . Essential oils penetrate the cell membrane and acts on a cellular level. Essential oils are often used aromatically, topically or internally. Aromatic use is once you put the essential oils during a diffuser, topically is directly on your skin, and internally is self explanatory. Essential oils are often utilized in a diffuser. this enables the volatile oil to hold within the air and have effects long after the diffuser is off. When diffused, essential oils clean the air, open airways, ease congestion, combat stress and tension, and make the space smell good without the toxicities that occur when burning candles or employing a wall plug-in air freshener. you'll also get the aromatic benefits by placing a few drops of the volatile oil in your cupped hands and inhaling deeply two or 3 times . When essential oils are inhaled they travel up the nasal passageway and into the neural structure , where they activate the visceral brain . Essential oils are utilized in research studies for 50 years, and today they're the #1 area of accelerating research by many brands and makers world wide. So, what i used to be trying to mention is that the visceral brain is that the system responsible of all the memories and emotions in your body. Essential oils when used aromatically have an immediate effect on the neurotransmitters released in your brain. Those chemicals dictate whether you're happy, sad, frustrated, stressed or relaxed. Essential oils also can be used topically. the simplest thanks to use them topically is to use them where the difficulty is, or on the areas where absorption is fastest and easiest. If you've got knee discomfort, put the oil that helps thereupon directly on your knee. Some oils may have a carrier oil, like copra oil or expressed almond oil or avocado oil, makes the simplest carrier oils. The act of mixing a carrier oil, simply helps reduce the absorption of the volatile oil and thereby decreases skin discomfort. the simplest thanks to know what oils need a carrier oil is to ask your mentor or oil resource person. Which Oils are best for use with chronic Pain: Those areas where absorption is fastest are rock bottom of the feet {I thought this was strange also once I started using oils but the pores on rock bottom of the feet are very large and therefore the area isn't super sensitive}, or areas where you'll get both the topical AND aromatic benefits {such because the back of the neck, behind the ears, on your chest, and on your inner wrists. Those are great areas for oils that support a balanced emotional system and help to combat stress.

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Mayan's Secret features hundreds of objective, brand-neutral essential oil guides, articles, lists, oil profiles, tips, blends, recipes, book reviews and directories. Feel Free to Simply Browse our complete essential oil online store selection from A to Z. If your like the Maya, than you know what its like to treat your self to trip to the spa for a gorgeously relaxing and chillaxing day at the day spa. Now, when it comes to essential oils and your home, beauty routine, and DIY projects, its for sure a much cheaper alternative way to easily chillout.. without that huge spa bill. Hence, Essential oils are sometimes referred to as “EOs” for short, and are extracted from several parts of the plants, such as, but not limited to, leaves, blossoms, stems, and roots. Proponents believe they possess therapeutic benefits, and can help do everything from soothing sore muscles to helping you fall asleep to reducing stress. EOs are potent and highly concentrated, which means a little goes a long way. Top Essential Oil Brands: Mayan's Secret has extremely high standards when it comes to stocking pure essential oils. No matter which brand you choose, you can rest easy (thank you, lavender) knowing these options are the cream of the crop. Mayan’s Secret: Every option in Mayan’s Secret line is made from pure botanicals. And with each purchase, you’re helping empower women to improve their lives through the brand’s Positive Change Project. Now Foods: Before protein powders and alternative sweeteners were readily available in local supermarkets, Now Foods was crafting essential oils from what nature has to offer. The scents range from citrus to floral and everything in between. Ancient Apothecary: Fermentation is an ancient process to help food break down into more absorbable components. Ancient Apothecary applies this technique to its essential oils, which undergo dual-stage, live fermentation before they’re bottled and shipped to your door. Best Organic Essential Oils: With so many options to choose from, it might take a while to find your favorite scent, but these three are a great place to start. Mayan's Secret Organic Lemon Essential Oil: This organic lemon essential oil has a bright, fresh aroma and a low pH, which gives it antibacterial properties—so it’s perfect for adding to DIY cleaning recipes. Diffuse it in the morning or add a few drops to a carrier oil in your palm and then inhale to help you feel more energized. Mayan's Secret Bergamot Essential Oil: Bergamot is a fragrant citrus fruit that’s the size of an orange, but green in color. Used in DIY cleaning supplies—like shower cleaner or all-purpose spray—It can help discourage mold and mildew from forming. Ancient Apothecary Holy Basil Essential Oil: The holy basil shrub is also known as tulsi, meaning “the incomparable one.” It’s native to India and has been used historically in Ayurvedic medicine. Best Sustainably Farmed Essential Oils: When you’re looking for the purest essential oils, choose brands (like these!) that farm plants using sustainable methods. Mayan's Secret Organic Lavender Essential Oil: Every bottle of Mayan's Secret’s essential oil starts by sourcing pure ingredients from farmers and suppliers all over the world. With balanced floral notes, lavender is known for helping to usher in feelings of calm and relaxation. Mayan's Secret Organic Peppermint Essential Oil: Like all of our organic essential oils, this one is made from non-GMO ingredients. We harvest, sort, and then gently extract each botanical using steam distillation to keep the aroma fresh. Tea Tree Oil: This leaf-derived essential oil is organically grown in the plains of eastern Australia, and can be used in DIY skincare products or household cleaning mixes. From a DIY bath bomb recipe to a guide to everything you need to know about aromatherapy, these posts will have you up to speed on essential oils in no time. Aromatherapy 101: Start here. This beginner’s guide breaks down what you need to know to get started with essential oils at home. 5 Essential Oils for a Relaxation at home: Stay in and get cozy with these five essential oils that’ll help you transform your home into a relaxing oasis. DIY Essential Oil Bath Bomb: Draw yourself a hot bath and drop in a homemade bath bomb. The simple ingredients like EVOO and essential oil will fizz and foam while you soak. Ways to Use Essential Oils at Home or at your office: There are myriad ways to bring the benefits of botanicals into your day. Here are just a few! Used to encourage wellness and comfort, essential oils are extracted from a variety of plants, flowers, and fruits. Discover a wide range of traditional oils in our essential oil shop, from oils used to stimulate the mood to those used for relaxation. Essential oils are primarily utilized in one of three ways: Applied topically to the skin Essential oils like lavender, frankincense, and eucalyptus are often applied to the skin, but the oils should be diluted with water or a carrier oil like coconut oil to prevent skin irritation. Inhaled directly Relax and take a deep breath of essential oils like lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, or lemon for a calming effect. You can inhale the oils directly from the bottle, or rub a few drops between your palms and enjoy the aroma. Dispersed through the air by a diffuser Start your day and awaken your senses by diffusing essential oils like peppermint, orange, lemon, or eucalyptus. Or, try diffusing relaxing oils like lavender, geranium, or ylang ylang before bedtime to encourage a peaceful night's sleep. Where can you buy essential oils? If you're wondering where to get essential oils, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our selection of essential oils online. Featured Essential Oils A Sandalwood alternative - Cedarwood Essential Oil Using undiluted (neat) essential oils on the skin can potentially cause severe irritation or sensitization. Learn why it's important to dilute essential oils by reading Mayan's Secret's Guide to Diluting Essential Oils. Aromatherapy Guides and Articles Expand your knowledge of essential oils by reading the 130+ categorized aromatherapy articles contained within the Aromatherapy Guide and Article Archive. New to Aromatherapy? Start by reading What is Aromatherapy, History of Aromatherapy, What are Essential Oils, Safety Information, Guide to Diluting Essential Oils, How to Shop for Essential Oils. Essential Oils Enjoy making the fine aromatherapy recipes contained in Mayan's Secret's categorized Recipe area. Essential Oils are best for well-being, household cleaning and freshening, skincare, beauty and hygiene, holiday blends and recipes for the child in all of us. Essential Oils Refer to Mayan's Secret's Essential Oil Guide to view detailed profiles for over 130 essential oils, absolutes and CO2s and view categorized lists including essential oils for emotional well-being and hazardous essential oils. Carrier Oils View detailed carrier oil profiles for over 20 vegetable oils used in aromatherapy. The Carrier Oil Profiles area also explains what they are and their importance in aromatherapy. Hydrosols View detailed profiles for over 30 hydrosols, also known as hydrolats, distillate waters or floral waters. Also refer to the Hydrosol Profiles area to learn about hydrosols and their shelf life, uses and safety guidelines. Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Book Reviews Essential Oil Safety Ed. 2 by: Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young Essential Oils for the Whole Body by: Heather Dawn Godfrey Complete Book Of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by: Valerie Ann Worwood Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness by: Nerys Purchon and Lora Cantele Clinical Aromatherapy by: Jane Buckle, RN, PhD The Heart of Aromatherapy by: Andrea Butje Read Essential Oil Book Reviews for Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Books on our Blog! Essential oils For the Midnight Oil album see Essential Oils album Not to be confused with essential fatty acid Plant oils An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile easily evaporated at normal temperatures chemical compounds from plants Essential oils are also known as volatile oils ethereal oils aetherolea or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted such as oil of clove An essential oil is essential in the sense that it contains the essence of the plants fragrance, the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it is derived, The term essential used here does not mean indispensable or usable by the human body as with the terms essential amino acid or essential fatty acid which are so called because they are nutritionally required by a given living organism, Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation often by using steam Other processes include expression solvent extraction sfumatura absolute oil extraction resin tapping wax embedding and cold pressing They are used in perfumes cosmetics soaps and other products for flavoring food and drink and for adding scents to incense and household cleaning products Essential oils should not be confused with perfume fragrance etc as the latter usually include pure chemical components whereas essential oils are derived from plants Essential oils are often used for aromatherapy a form of alternative medicine in which healing effects are ascribed to aromatic compounds Aromatherapy may be useful to induce relaxation but there is not sufficient evidence that essential oils can effectively treat any condition, Improper use of essential oils may cause harm including allergic reactions and skin irritation and children may be particularly susceptible to the toxic effects of improper use. With the history of Essential oils have been used in folk medicine throughout history The earliest recorded mention of the techniques and methods used to produce essential oils is believed to be that of Ibn al Baitar, an Al Andalusian Muslim Spain physician pharmacist and chemist, rather than refer to essential oils themselves modern works typically discuss specific chemical compounds which the essential oils are composed of such as referring to methyl salicylate rather than oil of wintergreen, Interest in essential oils has revived in recent decades with the popularity of aromatherapy a branch of alternative medicine that uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds Oils are volatilized diluted in a carrier oil and used in massage diffused in the air by a nebulizer heated over a candle flame or burned as incense Medical applications proposed by those who sell medicinal oils range from skin treatments to remedies for cancer and often are based solely on historical accounts of use of essential oils for these purposes Claims for the efficacy of medical treatments and treatment of cancers in particular are now subject to regulation in most countries. Oil Production Extraction fragrance Distillation Most common essential oils such as lavender peppermint tea tree oil patchouli and eucalyptus are distilled Raw plant material consisting of the flowers leaves wood bark roots seeds or peel is put into an alembic distillation apparatus over water As the water is heated the steam passes through the plant material vaporizing the volatile compounds The vapors flow through a coil where they condense back to liquid which is then collected in the receiving vessel Most oils are distilled in a single process One exception is ylangylang Cananga odorata which is purifed through a fractional distillation The recondensed water is referred to as a hydrosol hydrolat herbal distillate or plant water essence which may be sold as another fragrant product Hydrosols include rose water lavender water lemon balm clary sage and orange blossom water The use of herbal distillates in cosmetics is increasing. Expression: Most citrus peel oils are expressed mechanically or coldpressed similar to olive oil extraction9 Due to the relatively large quantities of oil in citrus peel and low cost to grow and harvest the raw materials citrusfruit oils are cheaper than most other essential oils Lemon or sweet orange oils are obtained as byproducts of the citrus industry Before the discovery of distillation all essential oils were extracted by pressing. Solvent extraction: Most flowers contain too little volatile oil to undergo expression but their chemical components are too delicate and easily denatured by the high heat used in steam distillation Instead a solvent such as hexane or supercritical carbon dioxide is used to extract the oils Extracts from hexane and other hydrophobic solvents are called concretes which are a mixture of essential oil waxes resins and other lipophilic oilsoluble plant material. Although highly fragrant concretes contain large quantities of nonfragrant waxes and resins Often another solvent such as ethyl alcohol is used to extract the fragrant oil from the concrete The alcohol solution is chilled to 18 C 0 F for more than 48 hours which causes the waxes and lipids to precipitate out The precipitates are then filtered out and the ethanol is removed from the remaining solution by evaporation vacuum purge or both leaving behind the absolute. Supercritical carbon dioxide is used as a solvent in supercritical fluid extraction This method can avoid petrochemical residues in the product and the loss of some top notes when steam distillation is used It does not yield an absolute directly The supercritical carbon dioxide will extract both the waxes and the essential oils that make up the concrete Subsequent processing with liquid carbon dioxide achieved in the same extractor by merely lowering the extraction temperature will separate the waxes from the essential oils This lower temperature process prevents the decomposition and denaturing of compounds When the extraction is complete the pressure is reduced to ambient and the carbon dioxide reverts to a gas leaving no residue. Florasols extraction: Florasol is another solvent used to obtain essential oils It was originally developed as a refrigerant to replace Freon Although Florasol is an ozonefriendly product it has a high global warming potential GWP 100yr GWP 143012 The European Union has banned its use with a phaseout process that began in 2011 to be completed in 201713 One advantage of Florasol is that the extraction of essential oils occurs at or below room temperature so degradation through high temperature extremes does not occur The essential oils are mostly pure and contain little to no foreign substancescitation needed. Production quantities: Estimates of total production of essential oils are difficult to obtain One estimate compiled from data in 1989 1990 and 1994 from various sources gives the following total production in tonnes of essential oils for which more than 1000 tonnes were produced. Main article Aromatherapy: Essential oils are used in aromatherapy as part of for example essential oil diffusers: Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine in which healing effects are ascribed to the aromatic compounds in essential oils and other plant extracts Aromatherapy may be useful to induce relaxation but there is not sufficient evidence that essential oils can effectively treat any condition. Scientific research indicates that essential oils cannot treat or cure any chronic disease or other illnesses Much of the research on the use of essential oils for health purposes has serious methodological errors In a systemic review of 201 published studies on essential oils as alternative medicines only 10 were found to be of acceptable methodological quality and even these 10 were still weak in reference to scientific standards3 Use of essential oils may cause harm including allergic reactions and skin irritation there has been at least one case of death As such the use of essential oils as an alternative medicine should be approached with caution. Use as pesticide: Research has shown that essential oils have potential as a natural pesticide In case studies certain oils have been shown to have a variety of deterring effects on pests specifically insects and select arthropods These effects may include repelling inhibiting digestion stunting growth decreasing rate of reproduction or death of pests that consume the oil However the molecules within the oils that cause these effects are normally nontoxic for mammals These specific actions of the molecules allow for widespread use of these green pesticides without harmful effects to anything other than pests Essential oils that have been investigated include rose lemon grass lavender thyme peppermint and eucalyptus. Although they may not be the perfect replacement for all synthetic pesticides essential oils have prospects for crop or indoor plant protection urban pest control and marketed insect repellents such as bug spray Certain essential oils have been shown in studies to be comparable if not exceeding in effectiveness to DEET which is currently marketed as the most effective mosquito repellent Although essential oils are effective as pesticides when first applied in uses such as mosquito repellent applied to the skin it is only effective in the vapor stage Since this stage is relatively shortlived creams and polymer mixtures are used in order to elongate the vapor period. In any form using essential oils as green pesticides rather than synthetic pesticides has ecological benefits such as decreased residual actions In addition increased use of essential oils as pest control could have not only ecological but economical benefits as the essential oil market diversifies, and popularity increases among organic farmers and environmentally conscious consumers. Food-Grade, Essential Oils are Used in food Preservation and Prep, such as Flavouring: In relation with their food applications although these oils have been used throughout history as food preservatives it was in the 20th century when EOs were considered as Generally Recognized as Safe GRAS by the Food and Drug Administration FDA. GRAS substances according to the FDA. Common name Botanical name of plant source

AlfalfaMedicago sativa

AllspicePimenta officinalis

Almond bitter pure from prussic acidPrunnus amygdalus Batsch Prussun armeniaca L or Prunnus persica L Batsch

Ambrette seedHibiscus moschatus Moench

Angelica rootAngelica archangelica

Angelica seedAngelica archangelica

Angelica stemAngelica archangelica

Angostura cusparia barkGalipea officinalis Hancock Angostura trifoliata

AnisePimpinella anisum

AsafetidaFerula assafoetida and related spp of Ferula

Balm lemon balmMelissa officinalis

Balsam of PeruMyroxylon pereirae Klotzsch

BasilOcimum basilicum

Bay leavesLaurus nobilis

Bay myrcia oilPimenta racemosa Mill J W Moore

Bergamot bergamot orangeCitrus aurantium subsp bergamia Wright et Arn

Bitter almond free from prussic acidPrunus amygdalus Batsch Prunus armeniaca or Prunus persica Batsch

Bois de roseAniba rosaeodora Ducke

CacaoTheobroma cacao

Camomile chamomile flowers HungarianMatricaria chamomilla

Camomile chamomile flowers Roman or EnglishAnthemis nobilis

CanangaCananga odorata Hook f and Thoms

CapsicumCapsicum frutescens and Capsicum annuum

CarawayCarum carvi

Cardamom seed cardamonElettaria cardamomum Maton

Carob beanCeratonia siliqua

CarrotDaucus carota

Cascarilla barkCroton eluteria Benn

Cassia bark ChineseCinnamomum cassia Blume

Cassia bark Padang or BataviaCinnamomum burmanni Blume

Cassia bark SaigonCinnamomum loureirii Nees

Celery seedApium graveolens

Cherry wild barkPrunus serotina Ehrh

ChervilAnthriscus cerefolium Hoffm

ChicoryCichorium intybus

Cinnamon bark CeylonCinnamomum zeylanicum Nees

Cinnamon bark ChineseCinnamomum cassia Blume

Cinnamon bark SaigonCinnamomum loureirii Nees

Cinnamon leaf CeylonCinnamomum zeylanicum Nees

Cinnamon leaf ChineseCinnamomum cassia Blume

Cinnamon leaf SaigonCinnamomum loureirii Nees

CitronellaCymbopogon nardus Rendle

Citrus peelsCitrus spp

Clary clary sageSalvia sclarea

CloverTrifolium spp

Coca decocainizedErythroxylum coca Lam and other spp of Erythroxylum

CoffeeCoffea spp

Cola nutCola acuminata Schott and Endl and other spp of Cola

CorianderCoriandrum sativum

Cumin cumminCuminum cyminum

Curacao orange peel orange bitter peelCitrus aurantium

Cusparia barkGalipea officinalis Hancock

DandelionTaraxacum officinale Weber and T laevigatum DC

Dandelion rootTaraxacum officinale Weber and T laevigatum DC

Dog grass quackgrass triticumAgropyron repens Beauv

Elder flowersSambucus canadensis and S nigra

Estragole esdragol esdragon tarragonArtemisia dracunculus

Estragon tarragonArtemisia dracunculus

Fennel sweetFoeniculum vulgare Mill

FenugreekTrigonella foenumgraecum

Galanga galangalAlpinia officinarum Hance

GeraniumPelargonium spp

Geranium East IndianCymbopogon martini Stapf

Geranium rosePelargonium graveolens LHer

GingerZingiber officinale Rosc

GrapefruitCitrus paradisi Macf

GuavaPsidium spp

Hickory barkCarya spp

Horehound hoarhoundMarrubium vulgare

HopsHumulus lupulus

HorsemintMonarda punctata

HyssopHyssopus officinalis

ImmortelleHelichrysum augustifolium DC

JasmineJasminum officinale and other spp of Jasminum

Juniper berriesJuniperus communis

Kola nutCola acuminata Schott and Endl and other spp of Cola

Laurel berriesLaurus nobilis

Laurel leavesLaurus spp

LavenderLavandula officinalis Chaix

Lavender spikeLavandula latifolia Vill

LavandinHybrids between Lavandula officinalis Chaix and Lavandula latifolin Vill

LemonCitrus limon Burm

Lemon balm see balmMelissa officinalis

Lemon grassCymbopogon citratus DC and Cymbopogon lexuosus Stap

Lemon peelCitrus limon Burm

LimeCitrus aurantifolia Swingle

Linden flowersTilia spp

Locust beanCeratonia siliqua

LupulinHumulus lupulus

MaceMyristica fragrans Houtt

MandarinCitrus reticulata Blanco

Marjoram sweetMajorana hortensis Moench

Yerba MateIlex paraguariensis St Hil

Melissa see balm

MentholMentha spp

Menthyl acetateDo

Molasses extractSaccarum officinarum

MustardBrassica spp

NaringinCitrus paradisi Mac

Neroli bigaradeCitrus aurantium

NutmegMyristica fragrans Houtt

OnionAllium cepa

Orange bitter flowersCitrus aurantium

Orange bitter peelDo

Orange leafCitrus sinensis Osbeck

Orange sweetDo

Orange sweet flowersDo

Orange sweet peelDo

OriganumOriganum spp

PalmarosaCymbopogon martini Stapf

PaprikaCapsicum annuum

ParsleyPetroselinum crispum Mill Mansf

Pepper blackPiper nigrum

Pepper whiteDo

PeppermintMentha piperita

Peruvian balsamMyroxylon pereirae Klotzsch

PetitgrainCitrus aurantium

Petitgrain lemonCitrus limon Burm

Petitgrain mandarin or tangerineCitrus reticulata Blanco

PimentaPimenta officinalis Lindl

Pimenta leafPimenta officinalis Lindl

Pipsissewa leavesChimaphila umbellata Nutt

PomegranatePunica granatum

Prickly ash barkXanthoxylum or Zanthoxylum Americanum Mill or Xanthoxylum clavaherculis

Rose absoluteRosa alba Rosa centifolia Rosa damascena Mill Rosa gallica L and vars of these spp

Rose otto of roses attar of rosesDo

Rose budsDo

Rose flowersDo

Rose fruit hipsDo

Rose geraniumPelargonium graveolens LHer

Rose leavesRosa spp

RosemaryRosmarinus officinalis

SaffronCrocus sativus

SageSalvia officinalis

Sage GreekSalvia triloba

Sage SpanishSalvia lavandulaefolia Vahl

St Johns breadCeratonia siliqua

Savory summerSatureia hortensis

Savory winterSatureia montana

Schinus molleSchinus molle

Sloe berries blackthorn berriesPrunus spinosa

SpearmintMentha spicata

Spike lavenderLavandula latifolia Vill

TamarindTamarindus indica

TangerineCitrus reticulata Blanco

TarragonArtemisia dracunculus

TeaThea sinensis

ThymeThymus vulgaris and Thymus zygis var gracilis Boiss

Thyme whiteDo

Thyme wild or creepingThymus serpyllum

Triticum see dog grassElymus repens

TuberosePolianthes tuberosa

TurmericCurcuma longa

VanillaVanilla planifolia Andr or Vanilla tahitensis J W Moore

Violet flowersViola odorata

Violet leavesViola odorata

Violet leaves absoluteViola odorata

Wild cherry barkPrunus serotina Ehrh

YlangylangCananga odorata Hook f and Thoms

Zedoary barkCurcuma zedoaria Ros

Dilution Essential oils are usually lipophilic literally oilloving compounds that are immiscible not miscible with water They can be diluted in solvents like pure ethanol and polyethylene glycol The most common way to safely dilute essential oils for topical use is in a carrier oil This can be any vegetable oil readily available the most popular for skin care being jojoba coconut wheat germ olive and avocado. Raw materials Main article List of essential oils. Essential oils are derived from sections of plants Some plants like the bitter orange are sources of several types of essential oil. Balsam of Peru an essential oil derived from the Myroxylon is used in food and drink for flavoring in perfumes and toiletries for fragrance and in medicine and pharmaceutical items for healing propertiescitation needed However a number of national and international surveys have identified Balsam of Peru as being in the top five allergens most commonly causing patch test allergic reactions in people referred to dermatology clinics. Garlic oil is an essential oil derived from garlic. Most eucalyptus oil on the market is produced from the leaves of Eucalyptus globulus Steamdistilled eucalyptus oil is used throughout Asia Africa Latin America and South America as a primary cleaning and disinfecting agent added to soaped mop and countertop cleaning solutions it also possesses insect and limited vermin control properties34 Note however there are hundreds of species of eucalyptus and perhaps some dozens are used to various extents as sources of essential oils Not only do the products of different species differ greatly in characteristics and effects but also the products of the very same tree can vary grossly. Lavender oil has long been used in the production of perfume36 However it can be estrogenic and antiandrogenic causing problems for prepubescent boys and pregnant women in particular37 Lavender essential oil is also used as an insect repellent. Rose oil is produced from the petals of Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia Steamdistilled rose oil is known as rose otto while the solvent extracted product is known as rose absolute The potential danger of an essential oil is sometimes relative to its level or grade of purity and sometimes related to the toxicity of specific chemical components of the oil Many essential oils are designed exclusively for their aromatherapeutic quality these essential oils generally should not be applied directly to the skin in their undiluted or neat form Some can cause severe irritation provoke an allergic reaction and over time prove hepatotoxic Some essential oils including many of the citrus peel oils are photosensitizers increasing the skins vulnerability to sunlight. Industrial users of essential oils should consult the safety data sheets to determine the hazards and handling requirements of particular oils Even certain therapeuticgrade oils can pose potential threats to individuals with epilepsy or pregnant women Essential oil use in children can pose a danger when misused because of their thin skin and immature livers This might cause them to be more susceptible to toxic effects than adults 5 The flash point of each essential oil is different Many of the common essential oils such as tea tree lavender and citrus oils are classed as Class 3 Flammable Liquids as they have a flash point of 5060 C Estrogenic and antiandrogenic activity have been reported by in vitro study of tea tree oil and lavender essential oils Two published sets of case reports suggest that lavender oil may be implicated in some cases of gynecomastia an abnormal breast tissue growth in prepubescent boys4041 The European Commissions Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety dismissed the claims against tea tree oil as implausible but did not comment on lavender oil42 In 2018 a BBC report on a study stated that tea tree and lavender oils contain eight substances that when tested in tissue culture experiments increasing the level of estrogen and decreasing the level of testosterone Some of the substances are found in at least 65 other essential oils The study did not include animal or human testing. Exposure to essential oils may cause contact dermatitis181920 Essential oils can be aggressive toward rubbers and plastics so care must be taken in choosing the correct handling equipment Glass syringes are often used but have coarse volumetric graduations Chemistry syringes are ideal as they resist essential oils are long enough to enter deep vessels and have fine graduations facilitating quality control Unlike traditional pipettes which have difficulty handling viscous fluids the chemistry syringe also known as a positive displacement pipette has a seal and piston arrangement which slides inside the pipette wiping the essential oil off the pipette wall. Some essential oils qualify as GRAS flavoring agents for use in foods beverages and confectioneries according to strict good manufacturing practice and flavorist standards29 Pharmacopoeia standards for medicinal oils should be heeded Some oils can be toxic to some domestic animals cats in particular44 The internal use of essential oils can pose hazards to pregnant women as some can be abortifacients in dose 0510 mL and thus should not be used during pregnancycitation needed. There is some concern about pesticide residues in essential oils particularly those used therapeutically For this reason many practitioners of aromatherapy buy organically produced oils Not only are pesticides present in trace quantities but also the oils themselves are used in tiny quantities and usually in high dilutions Where there is a concern about pesticide residues in food essential oils such as mint or orange oils the proper criterion is not solely whether the material is organically produced but whether it meets the government standards based on actual analysis of its pesticide content. Certain essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy but care must be taken when selecting quality and brand46 Some essential oils may contain impurities and additives that may be harmful to pregnant women Sensitivity to certain smells may cause pregnant women to have adverse side effects with essential oil use such as headache vertigo and nausea Pregnant women often report an abnormal sensitivity to smells and taste47 and essential oils can cause irritation and nausea when ingested Always consult a doctor before use. The following table lists the LD50 or median lethal dose for common oils this is the dose required to kill half the members of a tested animal population LD50 is intended as a guideline only and reported values can vary widely due to differences in tested species and testing conditions. Common Names of essential oils: Standardization and Further Reading:


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