November 20, 2020 1 min read

Watch Unwell documentary free online on netflix about essential oils

The Unwell Aromatherapy documentary, is essentially about the use of essential oils in your daily life, is a show which explores the good and the bad side of aromatherapy. Although, helpful, all without explicit judgment.

Are essential oils safe or unsafe?

Do they possess any proven useful properties? 

Right at the beginning, we see holistic nurse and clinical aromatherapist Amy Q. offering personal inhalers to a man experiencing post-surgical pain in a hospital in, Maplewood, Minnesota. In both cases, the recipient is given a choice of blends, and aromatherapy seems to be helpful.

Lora Cantele, publisher of IJPHA was featured, in her role of aromatherapist helping a special-needs family with essential oil blends.

This documentary also takes a thorough look at the multi-level marketing side of the industry, and how it operates. We see how Netflix suggests that profit is the main driver, to the detriment of many who join. This has always been a point of contention in multi-level marketing.