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Medical Condition

A chronic skin disease which results in scaly, often itchy areas in patches.

  • How common is condition? Very common (More than 3 million cases per year in US).
  • Does diagnosis require lab test or imaging? Often requires lab test or imaging.
  • Is condition treatable? Treatments can help manage condition, no known cure.
  • Time taken for recovery? Can be lifelong.

Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis is said to result from abnormal immune reaction which causes rapid buildup of skin cells. This forms scaly patches on the skin surface. Raised patches of skin, which are red, burn or itchy, and covered with white or silver scales. Treatment aims at reducing the symptoms, slows the cell growth.

Symptoms vary from person to person and may include:

  • Red patches with thick, silvery scales which may range from a few spots to large areas of scaly patches
  • Small scaling spots, commonly noted in children
  • Dry, cracked skin which may be accompanied by bleeding
  • Itching, burning, and painful lesions which may be accompanied by soreness
  • Thick, pitted, or ridged nails
  • Swollen joints with stiffness

There is no permanent cure for psoriasis and treatments aim at reducing symptoms such as pain, inflammation, and scaling. Combination of treatments including topical creams, oral medications and injections is given. Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis.

Best Essential Oils + All-Natural Skin Creams for Psoriasis

  • Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis.
  • Tea Tree. Tea tree essential oil works in multiple ways to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. In addition to being a...
  • Lavender. One of the best known of all essential oils, lavender essential oil has several properties that make it useful.


It is believed to result from abnormal immune system. The risk factors or triggers of psoriasis are:

  • Family history
  • Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections
  • Injury to the skin such as a cut or severe burn
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Vitamin deficiency

Medications such as beta blockers, antimalarials, and lithium
Cold weather
Reviews, reviews and experiences Best Psoriasis creams, Sorion Cream with Essential Oils for Psoriasis Joke de Jong – 22 December 2018 After 20 years of having had fissures in my fingers, I am intensively lubricated after 14 days by using Sorion cream. I now eat gluten every now and then every day and so far my fingers remain whole. Also the cream lubricated on my grandson's rash. After one week, the results were gone. Plonie de Ridder – September 21, 2018 For years Psoriasis, worst on the (inside) of hands. The sheets were hanging. All the remedies used by the dermatologist, from many creams to light therapy. Now: clean and calm hands with no color difference. The ailment is not gone, you have to maintain it but what a difference. Thanks to Sorion. Anonymous – September 20, 2018 Since I was 15 I already have psoriasis. I am now 43 and have bad psoriasis on my entire body, large spots on my upper and lower legs, abdomen and back. On my elbows a few little spots. For years all kinds of oints used, nothing helped or it helped but something. Especially in the winter a lot of large plaques which is not only itching but sometimes also painful. Until I ordered Sorion oint last week after reading the reviews. I thought it wouldn't work, did it? Friday afternoon started to spread and the Thursday after that ALL spots are gone!! So within 1 week! Only color difference compared to my browner skin from the sun. My whole body is smooth again, no itching. I really cried, I'm so happy. I feel confident again. I had already given up hope of being a good point that would work. Thank you so much!! I can't tell you how happy I am!! Anonymous – 3 June 2018 Yesterday received the cream. Flushed on elbow with psoriasis. The flakes went right away. So the rest of my psoriasis body i'm going to fight with the cream, too. Think it's cool and wonder how to do it with clothes, it should be in my body, not in the clothes or bedding. Anonymous – May 22, 2018 I have had psoriasis in some places on my body for several years, mainly on elbows and knees. Through the gp already several oint thans lubricated however it never disappeared and kept coming back. When using Sorion I notice a much better result, however it has not disappeared and notice that new spots are constantly being added, e.g. on my shoulders, thighs, ankles and back. I continue to use Sotion because the result is considerably better. Anonymous – 29 May 2017 Delicious fat cream. Especially now in the summer. Doesn't smell so good, but that's personal. Definitely recommended. Thank you very much. Anonymous – May 29, 2017 Prima creme and I'm definitely going to use it even more often. Nice on my dry legs. a mountains – May 29, 2017 I think it's going to work I've already ordered a tube. Anonymous – May 29, 2017 it reduces the itching and skin feels calmer. The Psoriasis is not gone but this is already a big difference for me. H. M. – 29 May 2017 after using all dermatological agents and sorion creme at the same time I do not know what n actually helped. Anonymous – May 29, 2017 I started using Sorion against my Psoriasis spots. I've been using it for about 6 weeks now. I notice a big improvement. Within 1 week, the place I smeared twice a day disappeared as a trial. On my arms, the spots are now virtually gone (only only some color difference is visible). On my legs the spots are more stubborn, but i see a lot of improvement there too. So far, I'm very excited. Anonymous – 29 May 2017 I liked! A.J. V. – 29 May 2017 has already ordered and received a large tube. Sanne R. – May 29, 2017 I used the sample on itchy skin through the first rays of the sun. I found the cream calming for the skin. Lubricates well, smell is acceptable. I don't like the color, it's like there's pus on your skin. K. Nijboer van M. – 29 May 2017 Hello, I believe it helps. Don't smear it every day, but will definitely recommend it. When it's empty, I'll get one from you at the store. Greetings! Will van der loop – 29 May 2017 Am now using it for about 4 weeks and my experience is very positive my psoriasis from my scalp has decreased by 95% so am very much in my sas with this product. The result of the test tube had already convinced me that I had immediately ordered the shampoo and lotion. G. D. – 29 May 2017 After using the try tube I used Sorion in a very difficult type of eczema place. To my surprise it gave a lot of lighting and the tube was empty too quickly and I ordered a large tube. L.A Haex – May 29, 2017 I'm happy with the Sorion cream! Anonymous – 29 May 2017 It is a fine cream that spreads well. No fat feeling happy I use it with eczema. Skin looks much better. Francis L. – May 24, 2017 It's a very good product it will definitely recommend to others and I'm going to order it so perfect. Anonymous – 23 May 2017 I find the cream on the oily side and not quick acting. With thanks for the trial packaging I wish you success with your company. Anita P. – May 10, 2017 I have been using Psoriasis (hands and feet), various oints, light therapy for 15 years, but nothing helped, until I came across Sorion via Facebook. What a delicious product, I use it once a day (at night with cotton gloves/socks) and my psoriasis is virtually gone on my hands. Feet slow down a bit because of the many calluses. But I don't want any more! Anonymous – April 25, 2017 I've been using it for about a week now and I notice very much difference, the flakes are much smaller and thinner. My scalp is back to normal. The only downside is that the itch I had in the beginning of my psoriasis adventure (so to speak) is back. Very annoying, but I take that for granted... hopefully that will be gone soon... Anonymous – 4 April 2017 After 14 days of doping with the Sorion creme excellent result. Flakes and itching away! If it stays that way, I'm going to be very happy. Carlo B. – 2 April 2017 Where 5 years ago I was full of psoriasis on my arm from front to back, I soon found out after 1 hormone ointments from the doctor that this was not going to solve anything! Soon I ended up at kartalin where I got rid of it within six months. A year ago, i started to develop psoriasis on my head. And although you can also use kartalin for that, it is also too fatty substance for the scalp. Then I searched the internet further and i used emu shampoo for a while because this makes it a lot quieter. Only this did not solve the underlying cause. So I went to look further and ended up at sorion. Through a story about the ayervedic way of treating psoriasis. One simply brilliant product both the shampoo and the head fluid. Use it now for 2 to 3 weeks and it's almost gone on my scalp. Tribute to these products! t b. – 14 March 2017 Tried and met Sorion. Bad psoriasis on the scalp and lighter on the elbows. For on the scalp Sorion Head Fluid and Sorion Shampoo ordered. for the elbows Sorion cream. We've been doping for three weeks. The elbows are clean. On the scalp there is still a little red skin but otherwise everything else is clean. I can't believe what this product is doing. No more thick edges and very importantly no more itching. My daughter had a swimming cap on her head. All in disappeared. I can therefore recommend it to anyone to order Sorion. Gerrit Jan D. – March 5, 2017 I have been psoriasis for 15 years and have gone through EVERYTHING (pills powders light baths etc etc). Trial pack now ordered 6 days only the elbows lubricated AS SMOOTH AS AN EGG !!! I've only ordered 3 tubes right now and go try it everywhere. Finally have HOPE that this is it.