October 21, 2020 2 min read

Our Top Best Smelling Essential Oil Blends

Blending fragrant essential oils is an art and science. So, if you have a cold, you might choose to use the oils which relieve things such as, a cough. However, if you feel down, or depressed, perhaps choosing the oils that make you feel happier and if you want glowing skin, find an oil or clay mask, that gives you glow.

From being energized up-to makeup, there are blends you can make it off. The thing is, you should find the right oils for blending. Just take a note of what oils you mix together and how much you liked the blending aromatically and scientifically.

You can put the EO blends in your diffusers, air fresheners, plug-in refills, or any other homemade devices and make your home, bathroom, den, lounge, restaurant, cafe, office or any space you can think of smell sweet, savory, woody, musky, earthy, citrusy, floral, etc....

To do the EO blending, You should know its category first. You can note down its category based on how it smells to your nose. The best smelling essential oils can be categorized into the following categories.

best smelling essential oil blends

You can mix essential oil in multiple ways but this is the best way:

Essential oils that fall in the same category are used to blend well together

Essential oils of one category, can also mix and match with other complementary categories.

Given below are some of the best tried blending that gives a nice aroma and it solves, whichever issue it tries to address. You can also try some other recipes or blends and tell us how much you liked.

best smelling essential oils


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