October 22, 2020 1 min read

Squeaky Clean diffuser blend

Dispenser repair Eucalyptus Globulus with garden flavors of Mint and Rosemary to help your imagination run wild.

Pine Fresh diffuser blend

Refresh the Room diffuser blend With a Sharp Decon and a blend of Eucalyptus Radiata and happy Tangerine, none of them will be smart.

Orange Glow diffuser mix

Bummer is not always like this! When car sharing and traveling for work and teen basketball training leave little time for sweeping and dusting, rely on the bright aromas of Orange, Lime and Citronella mixed with freshly cut flowers.

Don't let tomorrow's to-do list haunt your dreams!

Add fresh Lavender, sweet Mint, fancy Tangerine and idyllic Ylang Ylang to your diffuser as you toss and twist the ruined living room and mountain laundry that await you.