Organic Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Introducing Mayan's Secret® Organic Laurel Leaf Essential Oil, USDA Certified. This product offers a 30ml bottle of Organic Laurel Leaf Essential Oil, meeting the highest standards as USDA Certified Organic and Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Mayan's Secret.

Our Certified Organic Laurel Leaf Essential Oil is 100% pure and of premium quality. Mayan's Secret is a trusted name in essential oils, and we stand behind the quality of each and every bottle we sell.

To maintain the oil's integrity, we have chosen a large 1oz/30ml dark amber glass bottle with a glass dropper. This packaging extends the shelf life of the oil, as it is light-sensitive and should be stored in dark amber bottles to prevent oxidation. Unlike plastic containers, our glass bottles ensure that no chemicals leach into the oil. For optimal storage, please keep the bottle in a dark cabinet. Additionally, refrigeration can help extend the normal shelf life of two years.

At Mayan's Secret, we operate in a certified organic facility and strictly adhere to regulations. This ensures that our oils are of top quality, truly genuine, and never diluted or compromised in any way.

Experience the highest quality and potency with our USDA Certified Organic Laurel Leaf Essential Oil. Our oil is natural and free from adulterants or dilution. When you choose Mayan's Secret oils, you can expect maximum benefits without compromise.

Laurel Leaf Essential Oil:

  • Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis
  • Alternative Names: Bay Laurel
  • Botanical Family: Lauraceae
  • Primary Constituent: 1,8-cineole
  • Plant Part: Leaf

Discover the versatility of this oil and incorporate it into your daily routine. Use it in your diffuser, body oils, and more. Simply add a few drops to your favorite diffuser to enjoy its bright, spicy, and sweet scent. The aroma of Laurel Leaf can uplift the senses, promote confidence and courage,

Unleash the potential of Laurel Leaf Essential Oil by creating lotions, creams, bath bombs, scrubs, candles, and other DIY products. Let your imagination run wild and explore the numerous possibilities this oil offers.

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