October 26, 2020 4 min read

Best Bear Attractant Benefits of Using Anise Oil For Bear Hunting, Black, Brown, Grizzly. Use Our Ultimate Guide Share Mayans Secret Ingredients for a Killer Bait Mix

Did you know, Organic Sugar can be a more potent bait for bears than stale pastries. Also, you know how to give bears a permanent bow-range food coma?

Here's How:
Ingredient No. 1: Licorice Spritz

Hunters the world over swear by homemade anise concoctions for bringing in big bears. And the data backs them up. In the state of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conducted a study on bear attractants and found that the black-licorice aroma of anise extract beat out all others.

Hence is why most Hunters  buy anise essential oil online from Mayans Secret by the gallon and some then goes as far as too, dilute it by 70 percent with a clean carrier oil such as, that of vegetable oil, avocado oil or almond oil. 

Some hunters suggest you put it into a spray bottle and spritz it while walking through the woods and all around the bait site, then again, the whole spot will be crawling with bears exclusively from that anise smell.

2: Popcorn

Looking for an inexpensive bulk filler, you know its way cheaper than dog food or grain. Unlike wheat, oats, or whole corn kernels, popcorn won't fill a bear's stomach for long nor yours, but he'll return to the bait site more often, this way since we know he will be hungry. You know, popcorn, is way more less effective than that of anise oil, when it comes to complexity and cost, for the result. Since you know, bears just love this smell, and its way more cost effective for the average hunter in Canada or in the wilderness anywhere else for that matter.

3: Sugar

Did you know, at less than 50 cents per pound, pure cane sugar can be bought by the pallet at major bulk , or wholesale stores. Moreover, Bears have a real sweet tooth, says some avid, black bear hunters. Thus is why, so many people lean on donuts and cake, but you can save money and make a more concentrated bait by using the main raw ingredient.

Anise Oil Bear Attractant, you can appeal to a bear's appetite even if baiting isn't allowed where you hunt.

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FYI, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conducted a study on bear attractants and found that the black-licorice aroma of anise essential oil.

And if you have tried to spray around your bait station to help draw bears in. I leave August 25 to head up by Capreol, Ontario an would like some homemade recipe ideas from people to try to put it spray bottles an make the bait site smell tasty. So far for the first one i got mix anise extract, 2 bottles of peppermint extract, an a bottle of vanilla extract, then put in a spray bottle an i got a couple other ideas with fish oil an liquid smoke?

You know, you can all ways try the above recipe with that of liquid smoke and apple juice mixed together for your kill-zone.

You said that you are bear hunting in Canada for black bears, grizzlies bears or brown bears? Cuz I know most bear hunts in Canada require you to go with an outfitter. I am assuming that the baits will be baited by outfitter before you get there. By you adding a new or strange scent to the bait may cause the bears hitting the bait to shy away from bait.

So remember, that before you spray a different scent at bait I would check with outfitter or guide. This is just a heads up, I would hate to see you waste your hard earned money by screwing up a bait and not seeing any bear.

Furthermore, Anise oil has been used by deer hunters to attract deer and not just bears; it also doubles as as a scent cover. Though, originally used for attracting bear, bear hunters discovered that with an increased deer population, anise oil also successfully attracted deer. Using anise oil to attract deer is a simple process.

Mayans Secret Anise Essential Oil is the best bear attractant and thus, it will call bears into your kill zone without hesitation. The smell of Anise Oil to a bear is like, blood to a shark.

But don't forget: Its black-licorice scent also makes an irresistible complement to bait sites and equally effective when stalking.

We have been told that you can also use a spray bottle strawberry pineapple fruit drink with about a half cup of vanilla extract and a good dose of anise.

All of this we get from the dollar store it costs about seven or eight bucks for two quart bottles filled up. Of course you only have to get bottles once.

Happy Hunting.. Happy Campers!!