Himalayan Pink Salt - 2.5lb

Mayan's Secret offers quality products inspired by ancient traditions and natural ingredients, including oils, beauty items, and superfoods, promoting self-care and enhancing the senses.

Premium Quality, Extra-Fine Granular: Mayan's Secret Himalayan Pink Salt is carefully sourced and ground into fine granules, perfect for a wide range of culinary and personal care applications.
USDA Certified Quality: Mayan's Secret Himalayan Pink Salt is USDA certified, ensuring that it meets stringent quality standards. You can trust that you are purchasing a premium product.
Certified Organic Himalayan Pink Salt: Enjoy a pouch of delicious and gluten-free flour substitute, perfect for adding a nutritious twist to your recipes.

Natural, Non-GMO, and Vegan: Our Himalayan Pink Salt is 100% natural, non-GMO, and vegan, ensuring that you receive a pure and wholesome product.
Rich in Essential Minerals: Harvested from deep within the Himalayan mountain range, our pink salt is rich in essential minerals, giving it a beautiful pink hue and enhancing its nutritional value.
Versatile and Multi-Purpose: Mayan's Secret Himalayan Pink Salt can be used in various ways, from enhancing the flavors of your favorite dishes to creating DIY spa treatments and beauty products.
Holistic Health Benefits: Unlike refined table salt, our Himalayan Pink Salt retains its natural minerals and healing properties, making it a healthier alternative for promoting overall well-being.

Elevate your recipes and embrace the natural goodness of Mayan's Secret Himalayan Pink Salt

Ethically Sourced: We prioritize ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that our Himalayan Pink Salt is responsibly harvested from ancient sea deposits, preserving the natural environment and supporting local communities.
Convenient Packaging: Mayan's Secret Himalayan Pink Salt is designed for easy storage and accessibility, making it a practical addition to your kitchen and home.
Multiple Applications: From culinary uses in salt shakers and cooking to therapeutic applications in salt baths and scrubs, our Himalayan Pink Salt offers endless possibilities to enhance your daily life.

Revitalize Your Recipes with Himalayan Pink Salt: Elevate Your Creations!

Relaxing Himalayan Salt Bath:
Create a soothing and detoxifying bath by dissolving Mayan's Secret Himalayan Pink Salt in warm water. The salt-infused bath can help relax your muscles, rejuvenate your skin, and promote a sense of well-being after a long day.

Enhance the Flavor of Your Culinary Creations
Use Mayan's Secret Himalayan Pink Salt as a versatile seasoning in various dishes, from savory to sweet. Sprinkle it on grilled vegetables, roasted meats, salads, and even desserts to elevate the taste and add a subtle touch of minerals.

DIY Salt Scrubs
Combine Mayan's Secret Himalayan Pink Salt with natural oils like coconut or almond oil to create your own luxurious exfoliating salt scrub. Gently massage the scrub onto your skin to remove dead cells, leaving it soft, smooth, and glowing.

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